36. Seara de film portughez

Studentii de la Institutul Tehnic dau un film in seara asta in barul de langa facultate, unde merg de obicei studentii din liga lor. Au invitat la film si pe erasmusi.Cred ca am sa ma duc. E posibil sa fie  o seara buna. Call girl: IMDB REVIEW: This is indeed a movie that may catch the viewer's attention for the over 2 hours duration. The story of a high-class hooker being rented to persuade a small town politician to approve a millionaire yet not so honest building project while being involved with one of the cops in charge of the investigation may not be the most original plot, for sure. Still, the movie is quite well done, it has pace, some action, characters are developed enough and of course, the lead actress shows a lot of flesh. This flesh thing, which may be one of the main reasons to attract the male crowd (and the movie is being advertised mostly based on that not so minor item), was an interesting surprise, at least for a female viewer: it's not that gratuitous Share this: Facebook